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Welcome to Maad House, We’re a Leeds Design Agency Offering Graphic Design and Other Creative Services

Masters in Art And Design – Leeds Design Agency

Established in Leeds by designer Reece Heron, Maad House, A Leeds Design Agency, offers ambitious brands award-winning design services to help promote growth through our innovative design solutions.

“We’re an innovative Agency in the heart of Yorkshire Providing Award Winning Design Solutions Under Our Brand Name Maad House.”

Our briefs, both client-based and self-initiated, are often broad and elaborate, spanning over multiple design disciplines. We’re comfortable and driven by this factor allowing us to offer comprehensive graphic design services to Leeds based business and other global brands regardless of the required form or medium. From our Leeds based design studio, we partner with clients from around the world creating innovative work that leaves a lasting impact.
It’s difficult to categorise the services we provide because of the range in outcomes we produce, however, we decided to break our services down into three broad terms: Digital – We design and build stand out web applications with innovation at heart. Our digital outcomes are not just to be looked at, but to be interacted with by millions. The online spaces we produce engage instantly, seamlessly fusing design with function. We craft online spaces that’s never fail to impress. Brand – We visualise and develop innovative brands, and all aspects of surrounding material on which they exist. The brands we craft from the ground up stand out from the competition, effortlessly cutting through the noise of crowded markets. Whether we’re building a brand from scratch or picking up an existing one, our creative outcomes always speak the right language in the correct tone. Graphic – Our Graphic style is one based upon strong artistic influence. This allows our work to resonate through innovative concepts infused with artistic fundamentals, resulting in unique graphical languages that elevate and stand out. Our style is refined and distinctive, whilst also been accurate for the project at hand.

Hi We're Where We Are the Masters in
Art And Design.

Hi We're Where We
Are the Masters in
Art And Design.

Maad House - Leeds Design Agency

We're an Independent Leeds Design Agency Offering Award-Winning Creative Services to Ambitious Brands Around the World. See Some of the Featured Outcomes We’ve Produced for Our Clients Below.

Maad House - Leeds Design Agency

Ardour Events

Digital / Brand / Graphic
Maad House - Leeds Design Agency

Una Organic

Digital / Brand
Maad House - Leeds Design Agency


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